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triton pics 007bIn 1988 the founders of Triton, won a 70,000 square metre flooring contract for a new 55 storey building. They were determined to provide the highest quality installation possible however the products they looked at in Australia weren’t up to the standard they were committed to provide for this job.

After research and investigation throughout the world they were convinced that the new dual sticking technology was the way of the future so the team learnt more about the system and how to effectively apply it.

At that time less than one in five jobs in Australia were using the dual bond process and there was little local knowledge about how to use this technique.

In the end the Triton team sourced products and technology from Scotland and New Zealand to develop the product that they knew would do the job.

The results demonstrated to other operators that this was the way to go and Triton started supplying the trade from there and that is how Triton was born.

Over 25 years later and the guys at Triton are still focused on providing the industry with high quality products so professionals can do the job once and do it right and at the right price