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WPM 163


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Designation: WPM 163


Weight: 20 Litre Pail



ARDEX WPM 163 is a clear water based penetrative sealer for internal and outdoor concrete surfaces. Being very low in odour ARDEX WPM 163 is particularly suitable for incontinence barriers in health care institutions.

• Roll, brush or spray
• Concrete, cement renders, sandstone, clay and concrete masonry
• ARDEX cementitious compounds including A45, K 80 and K15

•Drying & Curing:
• 1st coat 30-60 minutes
• Recoat after 60 minutes
• Accepts light traffic after 24 hours and fully cures in 7 days
• Internal and external

• Clear/White

• 15m2/L/coat – Number of overcoats relative to substrate porosity and application
•Pack Size:
• 20L pail
•Drying Times:
• Recoat time: 0-1 hrs
• Light foot traffic: 24 hrs
• Full cure: 7 days
•VOC content:
• 22g/L
• Single component 20L Pail

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