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Moisture-Fix 1

Water Proofing

Stock ID: MF-15






Moisture-Fix is blue in colour and has been specially formulated to provide the installer the most cost effective method to eliminate the risks and problems associated with subfloor moisture problems. Moisture-Fix is a single pack ready to use (no mixing) deeply penetrating, safe, odourless easy to apply (simply pour & spread) liquid that allows early site access (foot traffic in one hour) and in most cases ready to accept floor prep and coverings in 24 hours.


  1. Moisture-Fix can be applied at the time of concrete pouring as soon as the surface is hard enough to walk on as a superior curing method that doesn’t have to be removed and at the same time provides a harder dust free surface and permanent moisture proofing that will allow floor covering installation after 14 days from time of concrete pour. If the concrete is less than 14 days old and it is imperative to proceed, then please contact Protect Crete for technical advice and special information.

  2. MOISTURE CONTENT – On old and existing Slabs, a high Moisture Content indicates there could be further problems with unwanted water sources. Please contact Protect Crete for additional technical advice.

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